provides core E-CIP content services that support library information services.
also wedeveloped a Real-time MARC Solution through the know-how accumulated
through E-CIP contents service, its core technology was registered in 2019 Patent
No. 10-2015089. Also, it has been selected for the GS Certification 1st Grade and the
pilot product of Technology Development Products, making it easy to use by over
470 national institutions.

A patent was registered in Japan in 2021, and patents in the United States and China
will be registered soon.In particular, LIBERTREE Inc. was registered as
Patent No. 10-2128858 in 2020 as "System and Method for Building a Blockchain-Based
Book Sharing Economy Platform". Based on such technology, we are developing a new
paradigm of library information service, and through this, we are preparing for overseas

Features of E-CIP Content Service

  • Abundant data from
    130 million species

  • Convenient
    search environment
    & desired book application

  • Real-time Automatic
    Duplicate Content Detection

  • Librarian Solution
    (Suseo, Arrangement, Donation)

  • Real-time MARC



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